Tailored your own Yoga class

$800/ single class
 $650/class twice a week

Message me for more package deals.

*Prices are subject to change based on transportation fee or studio rental fee

*Please inquire the price for private group class

Prepayment of the Class is required in order to confirm the class Paid in full within 24 hours of reservation via bank transfer.

If class is cancelled within 24 hours after payment, there is no cancellation fee.

If class is cancelled after 24 hours 50% charge.

No show there is no refund.

I also teach the types of class below, customize for private group.

Shoulder and back care Yoga

Focus on shoulders stretch and spinal movements to release tensions.

Flow Yoga

An energizing sequence trains the mind to be focused and keep moving with your breath.

Slow Flow

A slow moving sequence with mindful breath.

Restorative Yoga

Restore your energy when you feel drained in your mind or body or do it whenever you need a gentle stretch. Supported by Yoga props and tools, you will feel completely at ease in stretching.

Core Yoga

Focus on Core strengthening.

Detox Yoga

Release toxins in your body by breathing exercises and yoga poses.


Meditative and stress relief:

Yoga Nidra (30mins/ 1 hr)

Lie down on the mat and close your eyes with guided meditation. Deep relaxation practice.

Reiki with Yin Yoga

Receive universal healing energy with mindful body movements.

Singing bowl with Yin Yoga

Hold poses with mindful breath. Good practice to tune into body sensations.

Sound healing

Using sound to heal emotional and physical discomforts.