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15 Yoga Teachers to Follow Now in Hong Kong Tatler

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Press release for promoting Sports conference in 2017


2018 Titika Activewear Shooting


Teaching at Yoga BamBam video in apple daily in 2016


Teaching for Hong Kong movie “春嬌救志明” in 2017 instructing celebrities


年輕的Minnie原來練習瑜伽已經10 年,是註冊瑜伽導師同時擁有教授小童瑜伽的資格,更被Hong Kong Tatler推薦為必需關注的香港瑜伽導師之一。Minnie在成為瑜伽導師之前是一名美術老師, 現在Minnie於YOGA BAM BAM全職教授,雖然沒有繼續當美術老師,但她希望能夠把藝術融入她的動作中。難怪她的風格帶有舞者般的優雅!

Minnie is young but she’s also an experienced yogi! She has been practicing yoga for ten years. She is a qualified yoga teacher and certified in children yoga as well. Minnie also been chosen by Hong Kong Tatler as one of the Hong Kong yoga teacher to follow. Minnie is now full-time teaching at YOGA BAM BAM. Before teaching yoga, she was a art teacher. That might be the reason she always pose so elegant.

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2018 March International women's day in Hollywood Plaza

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Yoga Demos of Dolce Vita from TVB Pearl in 2016

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Acro Yoga Demos of Dolce Vita from TVB Pearl in 2016