I always hope to see the beauty of humanity in people. Yet, I canโ€™t choose what I want to see. As we live in this duality. We could be confident yet full of fear. We could be full of passion yet being indifferent. The interaction of opposite and competing forces. Yet these forces are not just opposites; they are complementary. 
Once we know that we could empower ourselves by shinning our good qualities, we are building a loving world ๐ŸŒ always remind ourselves of making choices for #consiousliving

Story of my Yoga journey

Who am I?

I started Yoga years ago, and feel enlightened by consistent Yoga practice. From this, I have learned to induce both relaxation and concentration by balancing the body and mind. And I wish to share these benefits with others. To create this experience, my classes focus on body alignment, movement, and the transitions between poses. I became a Yoga Teacher, and soon after, I started working as a full-time yoga teaching in 2016.

Through teaching Yoga, I believe only bringing meditation to your practice can make you feel complete and whole. I started meditation with sound with singing bowls. I have involved music in my early childhood. I am glad to spend my music instinct to heal people through sound meditation. I believe everyone should give a try for meditation and experience the calm and peaceful state that Yoga & Meditation can bring to each one of us.


Certified 200 hours yoga teacher | Vinyasa Yoga | Restorative | Yoga Nidra |Children Yoga (from aged 2-10) | Reiki level 1&2 | Gong Bath


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